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[This is an update from the Direct Action Network and
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a20: Quebec, April 20 2001 -  36 days until the next International Day
of Action!
April 18-22 Corporate leaders and heads of state are headed to Quebec to
discuss the FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas: "think NAFTA on
steroids." This trade pact extends the impact of NAFTA to the rest of
Central and South America, in a hemispheric "race to the bottom...."

 >From the AFL-CIO "...the trade bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists will
have company. Trade unionists, environmentalists, students, family
farmers, women, people of faith, and representatives from indigenous
communities will be gathering in the streets, convention halls,
churches, and schools of Quebec City to make their voices heard."

50 events listed in 40 cities
International Contact List

Ten Reasons to Oppose the FTAA -
The FTAA and AIDS -
FTAA Factsheet -

Citing the case of US-based waste disposal company Metalclad, which used
NAFTA to sue a small Mexican town for prohibiting construction of a
toxic waste processing plant, the city of Vancouver has unanimously
passed a resolution requesting the Canadian government not sign the

In an assault on democratic principles the draft documents are being
kept secret. A coalition of US organizations led by the Earth Justice
Legal Defense Fund has sued US trade representatives for release of the

Responding to the Globe and Mail (2/24) Canadian Trade Minister Pierre
Pettigrew defends the secrecy: "there is nothing better than
transparency, and nothing to fear from those texts, I hope very much
that they will be made public but I cannot do it unilaterally. You have
to understand that they belong to 34 countries..."

Liberate the text campaign

Dispatches from Quebec
Ending its comical three-week life, a bylaw passed by a Quebec City
suburb to bar people from concealing their faces with scarves or masks
at the Summit of the Americas has been scrapped, according to the
Toronto Star (3/7). Ste-Foy Mayor Andree Boucher said she "listened to
her conscience" and decided to respect individual rights and the
presumption of innocence.

Housing in Quebec has been unavailable at public institutions or
recreation facilities as a result of official pressure. The shortage is
so extreme that OQP2001 and CASA have issued a press release stating
"thousands to be without shelter during the Summit of the Americas" and
requesting the cooperation of public authorities.

Transportation info

The northern border:

The Vermont Mobilization for Global Justice is planning crucial
support on the Vermont side of the US-Canadian border including housing,
an independent media center, and other events

Community activists in Kingston ON are inviting all FTAA opponents to
take part in a border action caravan to "fight against international
capital every inch of the way." Contact Smash FTAA , ON/NY regional listserve: send

an email with "Smash FTAA' in the subject line to msilburn at

The southern border:

The Mexico-US Mass Mobilization to Liberate the Border is planning an
April 21 multinational day of protest in support of worker's rights,
immigrant rights, indigenous rights and the environment. 626-403-2530
borderactions at  List Serve: send e-mail

to border01-subscribe at

On the road:
Trash Dragons and the System along with the Insurrection Landscapers are
touring the US and Canada with their zany puppet show.

In February and March 2001 the Turning Point Road Show will be touring
the American southeast (FL, GA, SC, NC, VI, KT, AL, MS, TN). Focusing on

corporate globalization as well as the secret negotiations currently to
construct the FTAA. Info, or to schedule a stop in your town:
solilawrence at

Call To Action (CtA) Spring 2001 tour - Skills and issues workshops
focusing on the FTAA and its poster-child: Citigroup. If your group is
interested in tackling the prison industrial complex, third world debt,
forest destruction and predatory lending as well as expanding your
organizing skills, then bring us to your town. Contact:
campaigns at 503-804-9378

Through March and April, ending in Quebec City April 15-21, Rights
Action will be traveling with community human rights and development
activists from Honduras, Guatemala and Chiapas through the US and
Canada, speaking in public educational forums. Info, or to schedule a
stop: Rights Action, formerly Guatemala Partners, Grahame Russell
416-654-2074 info at

Coming Events:
3/13 Washington DC Commemorating the 13th anniversary of the massacre of
student activists in Burma, there will be a rally at the Burmese embassy
in Washington DC to pressure the military regime to end all human rights
abuses. 2300 S
Street NW 7pm. Info: Jeremy Woodrum 202-547-5985
jeremy at  Sign the on-line petition to ban the
Burmese regime's membership in the United Nations -

3/16-3/18 Vancouver FTAA Teach-In: social, economic and ecological
impacts of the FTAA on the populations of its participants and beyond,
with a specific focus on available alternatives. $5-$20 sliding.

3/17th Buffalo NY will be hosting a regional planning meeting to discuss
April's FTAA action here. Activists from NY to PA to Ohio to Toronto to
anywhere and everywhere in a days drive are welcome and encouraged to
join us to plan
a massive non-violent rally, concerts, teach-ins and more

4/5-4/7 After the strong backing which they received at the World Social
Forum held in Porto Alegre, Argentina's popular organisations are
preparing the first ever global resistance demonstration in the Buenos
area. Contact Adrian Ruiz - ATTAC Argentina argentina at

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