New Working Paper: Foundations Funding of Grass Roots Organizations

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Mon Mar 12 21:24:28 CST 2001

Hello COMM-ORG.  Your editor/moderator here.  I am very pleased to announce 
the availability of the first 2001 COMM-ORG Working paper:

Robert O. Bothwell, "Foundation Funding of Grassroots Organizations"

To get it, go to:

I found it a very interesting paper, challenging to both foundations and to 
grass-roots organizations.  I encourage everyone to take a look at it.  If 
you can't read all of it, choose sections to read.  I also encourage people 
to use COMM-ORG for discussing the paper and its implications for funders 
and those who depend on them.

Robert O. Bothwell is the founding Director/President Emeritus/Senior 
Fellow for the National Committee For Responsive Philanthropy, a 25-year 
old organization dedicated to changing private philanthropy to be more 
responsive to social justice and environmental organizations. He and the 
National Committee have created a national movement of "alternatives" to 
the United Way, which raise over $300 million annually from workplace 
charity drives in the U.S. Government, over 40 state governments, and 
hundreds of local governments and private businesses. They challenged 
foundations to reevaluate their grant making in light of conservative 
takeover of Congress/public policy, through research, publicity and 
educational briefings. They Initiated first public examinations of 
community foundations and their responsiveness to the disenfranchised, and 
of corporate grant making to racial/ethnic populations. They expanded 
disclosure of critical information by foundations and nonprofits to grant 
seekers and the public. And they stimulated development of women's funds 

Many, many thanks to Bob for contributing the paper.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG

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