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[ed:  Marisa's query is related to some discussion we had a little while 
ago.  More from me below.]

From: Marisa Novara <novaram at crcl.com>

I work for a non-profit on the west side of Chicago, and am attempting to
gather some information on housing - specifically, tenants' rights and the
results of any housing issues that have been organized around.  I do have
pamphlets from Metropolitan Tenants' Organization, but am wondering what's
out there beyond that.  It need not only be local issues, but I am not
familiar with any city/state legal distinctions that may render other
examples inapplicable to Chicago or Illinois.

Thank you,
Marisa Novara
novaram at crcl.com

[ed:  the COMM-ORG discussion list archives contain past messages, and are 
available following the list-serv links.  Also http://tenant.net/ is a good 
starting place for New York in particular.]

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