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Sun Mar 11 15:43:18 CST 2001

From: "Lisa Ellis" <asilbeth at hotmail.com>

It's evaluation time once again. COMM-ORG has been at the University of
Toledo for four years. We want to continue to give you the best possible
site and list. To do this, we would like your input. Please take a few
minutes and fill out this survey (It takes approximately 10 minutes). It
will be completely confidential and used only to make improvements to the
site and list. A summary of the results will be reported back to COMM-ORG.

Please return the evaluation to Lisa Ellis at: asilbeth at hotmail.com

You can also return the survey by clicking "reply" in your e-mail program if
you don't mind the COMM-ORG editor/moderator, Randy Stoecker, receiving your
survey. If you send it to Lisa your responses will remain anonymous.
Thank you for your time, energy, and support!

Lisa Ellis


Please put an X in front of the double dash for multiple choice items, or
type in your response after the colon for open-ended items.


1. Please tell us where you are located.

       city or town:
       state or province:

2. With what type of organization are you primarily affiliated?

       --Community organization group or network
       --Community development corporation
       --Other non-profit organization (please specify: )
       --Other (please specify: )


3.  The following questions are about the COMM-ORG e-mail list server.

3a. How long have you been subscribed to the COMM-ORG's listserv?

       --less than six months
       --six months to less than one year
       --one year to less than two years
       --two years or more

3b. What percentage of list messages have you read in the last two weeks?


3c. COMM-ORG tries to limit the number of listserv messages to an average of
five per day, and there are often fewer messages. Is that standard...

       --way too many messages
       --a bit too many messages
       --just the right amount
       --a bit too few messages
       --way too few messages

3d. Please place an X in front of the *three* types of listserv messages
that are most useful to you.

       --stories of organizing campaigns
       --queries and answers
       --discussions on issues
       --calls to action
       --announcements (of conferences, papers, services, etc.)
       --job ads
       --new links
       --other (please specify: )

3e. The COMM-ORG list, since its beginning, has had a moderator who reviews 
messages, sometimes returns them to senders for further editing before 
posting, groups them, and provides brief introductions. Please put an X 
infront of those practices you think should continue.

       --reviewing messages and returning some for further editing
       --grouping messages on the same topic into a single message
       --giving brief summaries of a message at the beginning

3f. COMM-ORG receives announcements of conferences and resources for sale
which are probably relevant to only a minority of our members. Those
announcements are currently placed on the "Announcements" web page. Would
you prefer that we...

       --continue using the Announcements page
       --send everything to the list, even if it may not be relevant to 
most of us
       --use the Announcements page only for the following kinds of messages
         (please specify:    )

3g. Job announcements are currently posted to the list. Would you like to
see them:

       --stay on the list
       --moved to the Announcements page
       --moved to a separate page


4.  The following questions are about the COMM-ORG working papers series.

4a. What do you typically do with the COMM-ORG Working Papers?

       --I do not use them at all.
       --I look at them briefly but do not read them
       --I download them for reading
       --I read them on the website

4b. Which, if any, of the methods below do you use to inform others about
the Working Papers (please check all that apply):

       --send the links to others
       --e-mail the papers to others
       --print them out and give them to others
       --assign the papers in classes


5.  The following questions are about the COMM-ORG web site, and will be
used in revising the web site this summer.

5a. How often do you access the COMM-ORG web site on average?

       --less than once a month
       --Once a month
       --Twice a month
       --Three times a month
       --Four times a month
       --Five or more times a month

5b. Please place an "X" beside the three COMM-ORG pages you find most

       --announcement page
       --COMM-ORG search
       --on-line translation
       --working papers
       --discussion list page
       --members page
       --e-mail discussion list archives
       --C-O groups and networks
       --C-O training and technical assistance
       --C-O funding
       --course syllabi
       --policy resources
       --C-D resources
       --readings in CO & CD
       --archives & databases
       --activist web advice
       --health organizing
       --action research
       --community planning
       --activist multimedia

5c. What additional information you would like to see on the web site?

5d. What aspects of the current web site are helpful:

5e. How would you rate the ease of finding information on the COMM-ORG web
site :

       --very easy
       --easy enough
       --somewhat difficult
       --very difficult

5f. If it is very or somewhat difficult to find information what changes in
layout would make the site easier to navigate:

Feel welcomed to explain any of your preferences above:

Thank you again.

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