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[ed:  thanks to Janey and Larry for responding to Renee's query.]

From: "Janey Skinner" <janeyskinner at mindspring.com>

There is a university-community partnership center at the University of
California at Berkeley (UCB) in the School of Public Health, called the
Center for Public Health Practice.  The names of people to contact there
would be Janet Savage or Ben Fraticelli.  There are similar centers in the
School of Planning and other divisions of the university -- I think that the
center in the school of planning is called the Berkeley-Oakland Metropolitan

Janey Skinner
Oakland, CA


From: "Golden, Larry" <Golden.Larry at uis.edu>

In response to Renee Myer's inquiry regarding university/community
partnerships, one excellent source of information would be from the HUD
Office of University Partnerships (OUP).  They prepared a grid within the
past two years that identifies the location of such units within
institution.  In our case, we are located within the Institute of Public
Affairs which is in turn located within the academic College of Public
Affairs and Administration.  The Director of the Institute reports to both
the Dean of the College and the Provost (Vice Chancellor).  I will try to
get the other information directly to Renee.


Larry Golden
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