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From: Patricia Nolan <panolan at>

Job Description:
Researcher- Chicago- Neighborhood Capital Budget Group- $34,000 and up
based on experience and qualifications.

The Neighborhood Capital Budget Group is looking for a strongly
motivated, detail-oriented individual to serve as Researcher for a
citywide coalition devoted to ensuring equitable public investment in
Chicago neighborhoods. NCBG works with nearly 200 community-based
organizations representing residential, commercial, and industrial
constituents to advance policy reforms and enhance the public’s
understanding of key economic development issues and public budget
priorities.. Research is used to support action-oriented campaigns aimed
at achieving positive change, as well as for public education and
community outreach.

Job Responsibilities

The Researcher is responsible for collecting data on the City of
Chicago’s infrastructure and economic development programs, developing
ways to present that information to the public in an understandable
fashion, helping to further the organization’s policy agenda in the
media, supporting the GIS mapping work of the Director of Community
Planning, creating fact sheets and other materials that explain the
workings of City programs, and developing periodic research reports that
analyze the adequacy and fairness of the City’s infrastructure
investment. The researcher directly assists NCBG’s organizers in
community outreach efforts such as community meetings, public forums,
leadership meetings, and meetings of the Board of Directors, as well as
meeting individually with community organizations.

Job Qualifications

The ideal candidate will possess:

· Knowledge of urban development, public budgeting and/or infrastructure
issues, and a strong commitment to ensuring the equitable use of public
dollars for sustainable community development.
· Excellent computer skills, including experience with relational
database design and management (preferably Microsoft Access),
spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel), and desktop publishing software.
Experience with HTML is also a plus.
· Experience working with large amounts of detailed information,
collecting data from a variety of sources, and analyzing legislation and
legal documents.
· Strong communication and organizational skills, including an ability
to write about complex issues for a general audience and conduct
interviews in support of research projects.
· Willingness to work with a diverse group of community stakeholders and
staff members to take input on research goals, gather supplemental
information, and develop policy recommendations. Ability to work with
reporters and respond to media requests for information on issues
relevant to the organization.

Applicants should submit a brief cover letter detailing their interest
in the position, a resume, and two brief writing samples. Salary range:
$34,000 and up, based on experience and qualifications. Full employer
paid medical benefits included.

By Fax: 312-939-7480
By Mail: Patricia Nolan, NCBG, 407 S. Dearborn, Suite 1360, Chicago, IL
By E-mail: panolan at (please include any attachment in Microsoft
Word 97 or PDF formats only)

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