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[ed:  please copy COMM-ORG with your responses.  And a couple of sources 
from me below.]

From: "Renee' B Myer" <rboutte at lsu.edu>

I am researching community/university partnership centers (or units with
similar missions that coordinate engagement ---outreach, service learning,
volunteerism, etc.) housed at public institutions.  I would like to get
ideas about organization, staffing, budgets and other helpful info.
Specifically, I am interested in where such entities are located within a
university (Academic vs. Research vs. Student Services vs.
Chancellor/President  Office)?  How many staff members such a
"center/office" would have? Sample budgets (average staff salaries,
operational costs, etc.)?

Thank you.

Renee' Boutte Myer
Assistant to the Chancellor
156 Thomas Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA  70803
Phone:  225-578-6977


[ed:  I just finished a research report on the diversity of programs out 
there.  It is available at 
http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/drafts/cbrreportb.htm.  In addition, Campus 
Compact at http://www.compact.org, and the HUD COPC program 
http://www.hud.gov/progdesc/copc.cfm should be of help.  I am also happy to 
talk further and refer people to some of the specific programs out there.

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