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My name is Andrew Schoeneman, and I'm an intern at PACT, a faith-based
community organization in Miami.  I'm also a student working on his Master's
thesis.  The other day I came across a paper called "Evaluation Study of
Institution-based Organizing for the Discount Foundation," by Jeannie
Appleman, 1996.  Ms. Appleman makes reference to another paper, "A
Comparative Analysis of a PICO Group and an ACORN Group in Kansas City, MO,"
by Paul Speer, which I would very much like to read for my research.  If
anyone knows how to contact either Ms. Appleman or Mr. Speer, or has a copy
of Mr. Speer's paper, I would appreciate your assistance.

Thanks a lot.


Andrew Schoeneman
PACT (People Acting for Community Together)
1883 NW 7 St., Suite 8
Miami, FL 33125

phone: (305)643-1526 (o)
email: shoney22 at hotmail.com

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