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Thu Mar 1 21:03:05 CST 2001

Hi COMM-ORG.  For those of you who are relatively new to the list, and 
those of you who may have forgotten, a while back we discussed the posting 
of job ads.  The conclusion of the discussion was that COMM-ORG subscribers 
really preferred job ads to include salary info, rather than the 
"commensurate with experience" or similar stuff.  A number of people also 
requested location information right at the top of job ads.

Remember that when a job ad includes salary info I provide a note at the 
very top saying so.  If it does not, there is no note at the top.  Job ads 
without salary info are not looked upon very kindly by many potential 

As part of a summer overhaul of COMM-ORG, I am planning to work on a web 
form where you can include all the information people desire in the order 
they desire it.

Randy Stoecker
randy at

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