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[ed: thanks to Joe and Angelina for reponses to Allison's query.]

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Hi Alison.  The Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL have placed nuns in some 
of the neighborhoods in which we are working to do general community 
organizing.  They call their effort a "ministtry of presence."  Currently 
they have women placed in Venice, IL, which is a suburb of St. Louis.  

If you need more information, give me a call at 800-728-1523.

Joe Dunn, Executive Director
Illinois Coalition for Community Services
510 Apple Orchard Road, Suite 100


From: Angelina Iturrium <llliturriam at lhm.org>


We have a number of groups here in St. Louis that are attempting some of the
things you mentioned. The one I am most familiar with is a project through
the Coro Midwestern Center that is training individuals in Lutheran (LCMS)
churches on community development and leadership. Ideally, as they go
through the training/workshops they are to create new partnerships, etc. in
their respective communities. Out of the first training group, some of the
participants created a new organization- Partners in Urban Ministry which
has appointed a coordinator (Don Strohmeyer at Trinity Lutheran in Soulard)
that works with other organizations for development and organizing issues.
You can find some outdated info about it at the website. Leslie Jones is a
good person for information on the project:

Metropolitan Congregations United for St. Louis members are trained in
specific skills for organizing and for communicating with and influencing
elected officials, business leaders, and other public figures. They build up
relationships through congregations and community.  A lot of community
development training and issues are developed. MCU has over 70 congregations
in the group but they have a number of different task forces within this
that focus on issues like Health Care, Housing, etc. even Urban Sprawl.

You've probably heard of Faith Beyond Walls- they are funding a number of
projects with community development and training. There is a project going
on right now that includes training youth as community leaders- the name
escapes me right now but if you need a contact name I can provide one for
you. You can probably get more than you need though (contact-wise) at their

Hope this helps!

Angelina M. Iturrian
Research, Development and Program Evaluation
North American Ministries
Lutheran Hour Ministries
660 Mason Ridge Center Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141
email: angelina.iturrian at lhm.org
"Mantra For The American Jungle: Remain calm. And share your bananas."
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