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[ed:  John has a couple of further thoughts on how to channel money to 
social change, responding to Linda's strategy in yesterday's 
message.  Maybe it's a movement?  :-)   ]

From: "John M. Beam" <beam at fordham.edu>

The pooling notion might actually have legs.  I have two or three friends
who have independently "invented" this idea, so their could be a
constituency waiting for a movement.

P.S.  Perhaps one of the more progressive foundations, preferably one that
spoke out against eliminating the inheritance tax -- if such exists, could
volunteer to set up and administer a fund to facilitate this impulse.  The
fund would have its own advisory group (obviously drawing heavily on the
Comm-Org rank and file) and public profile to maintain its value as a tax

Just stoking the dialectic,

John M. Beam
John M. Beam

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