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colist-admin at comm-org.utoledo.edu colist-admin at comm-org.utoledo.edu
Thu Jun 14 10:37:05 CDT 2001

Hi COMM-ORG. I have been very behind on updating the web site.  Here are 
the latest additions.  Also, some of you apparently had problems getting to 
the site this week--one of those weird Internet things.  I think whatever 
that was is now fixed.

--On the CO Groups and Networks (Australia) page:

Brisbane Region Environment Council

--On the Training and TA page:

The Association for the Study and Development of Community

Principles for Promoting Social Change, by Neil Wollman, Margaret 
Lobenstine, Maria Foderaro, & Stephen Stose

Tennessee S.E.A.R.C.H. Online Manual

--On the Policy page:

The Institute for Education and Social Policy of New York University

--On the Health Organizing page:

Felix, Burdine and Associates

Health in Action

Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative

--On the Community Development page:

Toronto CED Learning Network

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