Internship sought: Turkey, Ireland, Eastern US

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From: Fran Tobin <fxtobin at>

Hello Comm-Org.

My partner and I have left our jobs in organizing and policy advocacy to 
travel around the world.  We are hooking up with social change groups in 
order to learn more about various issues and strategies, while travelling 
and seeing the world.  Together we have about 30 years of experience in 
organizing, advocacy, public policy, etc.

WE're current starting a month-or-so stint in India, working with the 
people fighting against a series of awful dam projects that will destroy 
dozens of villages while failing to deliver the drinking water or cheap 
electricity beong rpomised by the sponsors.

Next, we plan to go to Turkey, then Ireland then the Eastern US.  We have 
not yet set up arrangements in those places, so we're hoping some comm-org 
members would be interested or would know of groups that we could hook up 
with for about a month.  We're flexible, but would be thinking of working 
roughly half-time in exchange for lodging and a chance to learn and 

Our rough timeline is to go to Turkey at the end of June.  If you think you 
migh tbe interested, send me an e-mail and I can tell you more about who we 
are and what we have in mind.


Fran Tobin
fxtobin at

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