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[ed:  this job post includes salary info.]

The Southern Organizing Cooperative, an alliance of 22 social 
and economic  justice organizing groups across the 
Southeastern United States, has an opening for a Director.  
Salary $35-40K.  Details below.  For more information, contact 
Renee DeLapp at 865-637-0056.  Thanks.   

Southern Organizing Cooperative

The Southern Organizing Cooperative is a unique collaboration 
of 22 grassroots organizations from across the southeastern 
United States that use, or support, direct action organizing to 
make social, economic and political change for the express 
purpose of building and strengthening the theory and practice 
of grassroots, community organizing in the South. Our 
mission:  to collectively help to build diverse, creative, 
strategic and effective grassroots organizing and shared 
progressive values in order to win citizen power and social, 
economic and political justice in our region.  Our goals: to 
expand and improve individual organizing groups and  
infrastructure, as well as to strengthen the theory and practice 
of organizing.  

To achieve these goals, we work to: overcome oppression and 
barriers, particularly racism, and recognize the importance of 
an inclusive process;  build supportive relationships and useful 
exchanges among organizations and  with other partners and 
allies needed to achieve these goals; develop our analysis, 
vision and strategic thinking; raise money for grassroots 
organizing, targeting specific foundations and the philanthropic 
community  for support; raise the profile and understanding of 
community organizing in  our communities and society; and 
work at the local and state level to achieve strategic change 
leading to regional and national impact.  

Role of the Director  

The role of the Director will be to work with the Southern 
Organizing Cooperative leadership committees, workteams, 
and member organizations to carry out the Co-op92s program 
of work.  The Director is an essential facilitator, encouraging 
and assisting the various individuals and groups toward shared 
goals.  Cooperative member groups work together on various 
member-driven initiatives and the Director will actively support 
the development of those initiatives.  The Director will work at 
the direction  of the Governing Body and will be supervised by 
the Steering Committee.  

Responsibilities of the Director  

Staff the Governing Body, Steering Committee, and 
Fundraising Committee. Coordinate the work of other 
committees and workteams as they are  developed. Facilitate 
communications among committees and the Governing Body,  
supporters, contacts, allies. Facilitate cooperative 
relationships among Southern organizations. Establish 
cooperative relationships with national organizations. 
Coordinate fundraising, including grantwriting, and relate to 
foundations about grants received for the Co-op and its 
projects; maintain  a grants schedule, write reports and 
maintain all Co-op records. Hire, evaluate and develop staff (1 
administrative assistant) as  well as coordinate work of 
contracted service providers (i.e., event logistics planners, 
bookkeeper, consultants, trainers).  Maintain personnel  
records and settle grievances. Help draft and maintain Co-op 
practices and procedures as needed. With Steering 
Committee, develop and maintain organizational workplans. 
Work with the Governing Body and staff to develop systems of 
accountability  both fiscal and programmatic  and ensure that 
they are honored. Maintain efficient administrative and fiscal 
systems (including preparing and distributing agendas, 
minutes and other materials to appropriate Co-op members, 
coordinating and organizing meetings, conference  calls, 
gatherings and other 

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