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Sun Jul 29 21:12:00 CDT 2001

From:       	"Rich Cowan" <org-c at organizenow.net>

We thought you might be interested in our newly updated list 
of web resources most relevant to nonprofits, technology, and 
social change activism.  Our intern, Rachel Pinsky, completed 
it this week.  

The list is now up at the Organizers' Collaborative web site:

The resources are organized into the following  11 categories.  (Did we
miss anything?  Please tell Rachel at rapinsky at organizenow.net !)

1. Computer Recycling and Time Donation
2. Computer-Assisted Activism and Advocacy
3. Free Web Services: Listservs, Message Boards, Net Access,
     Advanced WebHosting, Petitions, Survey Tools
4. Free Software and Open Source Projects
5. Grassroots Organizing and Movement Building
6. Non-Profit Support and Online Fundraising
7. Online Databases Useful for Activists
8. Social Implications and Public Interest
9. Social Justice Portals and Sites:  Issue based,
      Constituency based, and Geographically based
10. Social Justice Sites With Online Directories
11. Technical Assistance for Nonprofits 

Also, thanks to recent grants from Ben & Jerry's and from Haymarket
Foundation, we are now developing two new projects:  a
comprehensive directory of social change email lists in the US
and free software for e-organizing and membership databases.
If you want to be involved in creating or testing our new
software, please contact us org-c at organizenow.net.


-Rich Cowan
Founder and President

P.S. The Organizers' Collaborative is a two-year-old organization that
fosters more effective use of computers and the Internet by grassroots
social change groups.  If you want to support this work, please see
our web site at http://organizenow.net/join.html.  Thanks!

Organizers' Collaborative        http://organizenow.net
P.O. Box 400897, Cambridge, MA  02140     617-427-1228 x108

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