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[ed:  thanks to Janey for the further thoughts on "what is CD?"]

From: "Janey Skinner" <janeyskinner at mindspring.com>

A few more thoughts on what one thinks of with the words 
"community development" --  

This is what it evokes for me -- 

1.  A Canadian (or other person speaking English and not 
living in the U.S.) talking about what I know as community 
organizing and/or community building. For example, in Ron 
Labonte's writing about community health, I don't see a large 
difference between community development approaches and 
community organizing approaches.  

2.  Economic development, including housing, small 
businesses, cooperatives, job development, management of 
(or TA to) projects under block grants, etc.  

3.  A nonprofit that employs professionals with relevant skills 
(e.g., planners, developers) and also serves as a forum for 
community involvement in development decisions.  

4.  Sometimes an entity that has overprofessionalized and is 
removed from the pulse of the community, or caters to the 
needs of only one segment of the community.  Generally, 
though, that's not what I think of when I hear the term 
"community development."  

Janey Skinner

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