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Antioch New England To Launch A Masters Program
in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing!


"The typical environmental curriculum is incomplete! In biology 
class, you can study the ecological consequences of clear-
cutting our last remaining ancient forests. In environmental 
health class, you can study how exposure to toxic chemicals 
interferes with the human reproductive system. But where do 
you learn how to organize the public?"  

-Janet Ross of the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

Yes, where can you get advanced training in how to organize 
the public to support environmental protection, corporate 
accountability, and social and environmental justice?  

The Environmental Studies Department of Antioch New 
England Graduate School is pleased to announce that we are 
creating a new masters program in Environmental Advocacy 
and Organizing that offers political education and social action 
training for people interested in working in the advocacy field. 
For more information about our Environmental Advocacy and 
Organizing Program, please check out the program's new 
webpages at:

Also, if you like what you see, please help us spread the word 
by forwarding this URL to any individual, listserve, or 
membership organization that you think might be interested. 
We are counting on concerned people like you to help get the 
word out about this innovative program.  

Happily, we are already getting a good response. As one 
prospective student wrote us recently:  

"The proposed Environmental Advocacy and Organizing 
Program is just what I have been looking for in a graduate 
program. The subjects it embodies, (social justice, 
globalization, organizing skills, history of social movements) 
provide the exact elements I feel are missing from most 
environmental studies programs. These and other virtues of 
the Advocacy and Organizing Program make Antioch my first 
choice for graduate school."  

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Steve Chase
Department of Environmental Studies
Antioch New England Graduate School
40 Avon Street
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: 603-357-3122  x298
Fax: 603-357-0718
Email: Steven_Chase at OR schase at

For information on our Environmental Advocacy and 
Organizing Program:

For information about our Individualized, Environmental 
Education, Teacher Certification, Conservation Biology, or 
Resource Management and Administration programs: 

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