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From: Joann Weeks <weeks at pobox.upenn.edu>

The Center for Community Partnerships at the University of 
Pennsylvania is very pleased to announce the formal unveiling 
of a community information website, InfoR (Information 
Resources-West Philadelphia).  

Professor Sidney Wong is the lead faculty member from City 
Planning Dept. His press release is below.  

InfoR is a repository of public data sets, data developed on 
West Philadelphia by Penn faculty and students, data 
developed by the community and our projects with the 
community.    It includes participation by numerous faculty 
from across many of Penn's schools, the Penn Van Pelt 
library staff and community partners.  Development of on InfoR 
has been funded in large part by grants to the Center for 
Community Partnerships from HUD's Office of University 
Partnerships and the WK Kellogg Foundation.  

We hope that this will become a major tool for Penn and our 
community partners to use in their plannning activities.  We, 
of course, are working with community partners in how to use 
the site for their needs.  

Congratulations to Sidney Wong and his dedicated team.

Joann Weeks
Associate Director
Center for Community Partnerships

July 16, 2001

Please Circulate and
Apology for Multiple Postings

The InfoResources (InfoR) project team at the University of 
Pennsylvania is happy to announce that our web site is open 
for public use at http://westphillydata.library.upenn.edu.  

Modeling on leading community information networks (CIN) 
across the U.S., InfoR provides information for West 
Philadelphia neighborhood communities. It furnishes users 
with maps, socioeconomic data tables, and downloadable 
resource guides for grant writing, project development, and 
community empowerment purposes. Its web links enable 
users to better connect with West Philadelphia's community-
based organizations and institutions.  

InfoR is a data partnership project and serves as a central 
location to acquire information by zip code, census tract and 
neighborhood. It also serves users to better implement their 
community and economic development projects, housing 
studies, and policy research.  

InfoR was developed collaboratively with representatives of 
West Philadelphia community-based organizations, Penn's 
Department of City and Regional Planning, Center for 
Community Partnerships, HUD's Community Outreach 
Partnership Center, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Van Pelt 
Library, Penn's Cartographic Modeling Lab, Wharton GIS Lab, 
and the West Philadelphia Partnership.  

InfoR will be updated frequently as new information, such as 
2000 Census data and regional economic dataset, is 
available. It will expand its data services in accordance to 
users’ needs. Please visit and bookmark our web site 
(http://westphillydata.library.upenn.edu). You comment is 
crucial to InfoR’s future development.  

We will establish a listserv so that InfoR users and partners 
can share information. We also welcome users to incorporate 
our URL link in their web pages or send us any community 
information and data.  

PS - It is best to use IE Browser to read InfoR but we are 
almost making it equally compatible in Netscape.  

Sidney Wong
Project Director, InfoR

Department of City & Regional Planning
University of Pennsylvania
G19 Meyerson Hall
210 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3611

215-573-4154 (direct)
215-898-8329 (Office Main No.)
215-898-5731 (Fax)
e-mail:  sidneyw at pobox.upenn.edu

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