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Health Rights Organizer

Global Exchange is a human rights organization working for 
democracy and social justice, around the world. We have a 
national membership base, publish books and articles, 
organize speaking tours, and make extensive use of the mass 
media to spread our message. We are nationally known for 
promoting fair trade instead of "free trade" and for pressuring 
corporations to be more accountable to their workers, 
consumers, the community and the environment.  

Position Available: Global Exchange is looking for a full-time 
organizer to spearhead a campaign against the economic 
actors that are undermining the global fight against AIDS and 
other poverty-related diseases. The campaign will target both 
pharmaceutical companies that fight the use and distribution 
of generic drugs, and the World Bank and IMF, holders of vast 
amounts of illegitimate debt that continues to impoverish 
countries in the global south. The campaign will also advance 
the notion of healthcare as a human right and help build the 
movement for universal healthcare at home and abroad.  

The activities of the organizer include:  The Health Rights 
Organizer will work with the Economic Rights Department to 
carry out the following responsibilities:  

o Liaison with international, national and local AIDS and anti-
poverty organizations; 

o Organize campaign to force pharmaceutical companies and 
US Trade Representative to commit to not interfering with 
other countries' public health priorities; 

o Work with Global Exchange's speaker's bureau to tour AIDS 
justice organizer from Southern Africa or Brazil; 

o Work with Global Exchange's Economic Rights Campaign 
Department and media staff to develop other campaign targets 
and strategies; 

oDo press interviews and public speaking on campuses and to 
community groups on how corporate globalization 
exacerbates the public health crisis both in the U.S. and 

oWork with the fundraising department to secure grants and 
individual donations for this  campaign; 

oCreate promotional materials and written updates, including 
regular updates of the website; 

oMaintain email lists, communicate regularly and coordinate 
activities with grassroots activists. 

Requirements: Candidates should have at least three years 
organizing experience, and extensive knowledge and 
experience working on economic justice campaigns. Prior 
experience and in-depth knowledge of issues related to AIDS, 
Africa, TRIPS, pharmaceutical companies, globalization, 
immigration and disparities in health access are ideal. 
Applicants should have excellent writing and computer skills 
and be ready to grasp new opportunities as they arise. Great 
"people skills" and fundraising experience is a plus. 
Compensation: Compensation is negotiable, depending on 
experience. Full benefits. Global Exchange is an affirmative 
action employer and strongly encourages a diverse pool of 
candidates to apply.  Send résumé and cover letter to Search 
Committee, Global Exchange. Open until filled.  Posted Jun. 
20, 2001.   FAX: 415.255.7498.  No emails please.  

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