query: suspicious volunteer recruitment?

colist-admin at comm-org.utoledo.edu colist-admin at comm-org.utoledo.edu
Sat Jul 7 22:44:43 CDT 2001

[ed:  if you know anything about this, please let us know.  
This is apparently a volunteer recruitment effort that has come 
under some suspicion.]

From: LJHalliday at webtv.net (Larry Halliday)

Hi Randy. I have been receiving a pitch from  "twin siu", a web 
handle for Humana. I assume that they have somehow 
received my web address through our list. In any event, I've 
enclosed a bit of information which you may want to look at. I 
was wondering if any other people on the list have heard from 
this group.  Go to http://www.tvindalert.org.uk/ for the info.

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