Chicago Americorp Volunteers receive $9,300 for community service projects

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Thu Jul 5 22:14:49 CDT 2001

From: Brian Banks <bbanks3 at>

We are starting to solicit volunteers for the Chicago Illinois 
Workforce Advantage-Policy Research Action Group 
Americorps Project.  

For more info contact Gabriela Roman, NNNN, 773 489-0383 
(gabriela at, in Humboldt Park  or Josephine 
Robinson, Mary McDowell Settlement House, 773 376-5242 
(mcdowellms at, in Englewood. As soon as I get a 
contact name for North Lawndale I'll send that to you.  

>If you have any candidates you think might be interesting,
>please forward their names and contact info directly to the
>above mentioned contact persons. This project will select a a
>mix of community volunteers and students. 

Each full time volunteer will recieve a $9,300 living allowance, 
health insurance, child care and $4,700 for school after 
completing 1700 hours for community service. > > The Policy 
Research Action Group (PRAG) has been awarded a state 
grant to administer the Americorp project in three Chicago 
neighborhoods. This will be done in cooperation with the 
almost 300 community-based organizations working with the 
Illinois Workforce Advantage Project and our member 
universities (DePaul, Chicago State, University of Illinois at 
Chicago and Loyola).  

We are especially interested in finding volunteers that live in 
the communities that this project will serve Humbolt Park, 
North Lawndale, and Englewood. > >Illinois Workforce 
Advantage (IWA) coordinates state resources, in 
>economically disadvantaged >communities to help residents 
improve their quality of life through a >variety of strategies, 
including: >building social capital, reducing the 
social/economic isolation; and >identifying community assets. 
>IWA targets seven communities across the state, including 
Humboldt Park, >North Lawndale and >Englewood, in 
Chicago. IWA will be using PRAG's university community 
collaborative model to  help build neighborhood-level capacity. 
> >The proposed Americorp/Chicago IWA/PRAG collaboration 
will: > > Beginning in the fall, 2001 fund PRAG to support 33 > 
students/community volunteers per >      year, for three years, 
to work with 30 community-based organizations > on a variety 
of > projects, including developing jobs for ex-offenders; 
tutoring K-12 > students; and other >      community service 
projects. >      Deliver over 56,000 hours of high quality 
community service. >      Provide to volunteers who complete 
1700 hours of > community service a $4700 grant to further 
their education. This is in addition to a > $9,300 living 
allowance, > healthcare and childcare benefits. >      Increase 
the capacity of community-based organizations and schools, 
> in target communities >      to improve the quality of life of 
neighborhood residents. >      Generate a database of 
neighborhood-level information for > policymakers, 
researchers, > community leaders and activists. >      
Increase the visibility of Loyola, DePaul, Chicago State, and 
UIC > among state, local and >      national elected officials, 
foundations, community leaders, > prospective students and 
others. >     Connect and help disadvantaged neighborhoods 
have more voice in > regional growth, >      workforce 
development, gentrification, affordable housing and other > 
policy discussions. >      Create an opportunity for a wider 
multiple neighborhood, multiple > university collaboration. >     
 Increase the pool of those interested in community service 
careers > by providing connections >      to prospective 
employers. >      Increase the diversity of university student's, 
through outreach > efforts and providing resources >      to 
attend college.  

To correct a problem  is to make a change, to make change is 
not always to fix a problem  

Collectivism assumes that individual effort is a reflection and 
instrument of communal and collective survival and 

Cooperation assumes that the optimal way of functioning is 
with mutual respect and encouragement.  

Brian L. Banks
Policy Research Action Group
312 915-7526 312 915-7770 fax
BBanks3 at (e-mail)

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