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[ed:  the resource found by Eric is now linked from the COMM-
ORG "funding" page.  A quick note from me below.]

From: Eric Weir <eweir at mindspring.com>

Randy, Another resource I just came across related to the 
topic of how to 
help people of wealth with progressive causes.

>More Than Money, Arlington, MA
>More Than Money is a national nonprofit organization that 
helps people
>with wealth use their money and talents to build a more 
joyful, just and
>sustainable world...


Eric Weir
Decatur, GA
eweir at mindspring.com


[ed:  I should remind people in this discussion that Bob 
Bothwell's paper, "Foundation Funding of Grassroots 
Organizations," is available from the COMM-ORG "papers" 
page at http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/papers.htm ]

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