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The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) is doing
outreach to Public Housing residents to encourage them to
attend these trainings. Registration is free, and funds are
available to cover 85% of travel expenses. If you or your
organization can help NLIHC reach residents, by sharing your
mailing list or offering to contact residents yourself,
please contact Winton Pitcoff at win at


PHRA/QHWRA Trainings For Public Housing Resident Leaders and


The far-reaching Public Housing Reform Act (PHRA) of 1998,
also known as QHWRA, touches virtually every aspect of
public housing - and HUD is now fully implementing these
changes. To help you learn PHRA changes and use them most
effectively in your PHA, HUD is sponsoring four training
conferences for public and assisted housing resident leaders
and advocates.

If you are a resident commissioner, resident advisory board
(RAB) member, resident council leader, resident management
corporation officer, leader in other resident organizations,
or advocate for public housing or Section 8 tenants, you
will not want to miss this important training opportunity.
Attendance is free, and resources are available to cover 85%
of residents’ travel and hotel expenses. Space is limited
though, so early registration is advised.

Registration materials will be mailed soon. Call
1-800-876-2427 and check for updated
information as it becomes available for the most up-to-date
information on the conference. Hotel reservation information
is now available on the toll free number.

Travel scholarships are being administered by the National
Low Income Housing Coalition. You will be contacted within 3
working days after the receipt of your scholarship request
to let you know whether your request has been accepted.
Funds will not be provided in advance of the trainings.
Participants and their PHAs are responsible for making and
paying for their own travel arrangements, and will be
reimbursed after submitting receipts following the event.

Housing advocates are urged to get the word out to resident
leaders and make sure that resident leaders from your local
PHA participate in the training.

Four 2½ day conferences

Dallas, TX
June 26-28 and June 28-30, 2000
Cut-off date for reservations: June 9

Kansas City, MO
July 17-19 and July 19-21, 2000
Cut-off date for reservations: June 30

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