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[ed:  thanks to Angie for the resources to address the gentrification issue.]

From: Angie Wei <awei at policylink.org>

         PolicyLink is a national non-profit organization created to support
community efforts that advance equity agendas.  We work to uplift and
highlight local leaders and communities and link them to policy advocacy and
systems change.

         We are working on issues of equitable development (how we reframe
the gentrification discussion) by supporting communities who are managing
neighborhood revitalization so that it generates economic prosperity for
low-income residents.  We are also researching public policies that will
help mitigate the displacement of residents and support their own economic

         We have produced a report that summarizes academic and practitioner
perspectives on equitable development.  The report also contains a list of
organizational and research resources.  If you are interested in receiving a
copy of this report and other materials on equitable development, please
email Angie Wei, Program Associate, at awei at policylink.org
<mailto:awei at policylink.org> or call 510.663.4310.  Thank you.

Angie Wei
101 Broadway
Oakland, CA  94607
510.663.4310  phone
510.663.9684  fax
awei at policylink.org

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