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Hi Folks - At the request of the Technology Project, I've forwarding this
Job Description around.  A really cool job for someone who can bridge the
gap between techies and activists. - Dirk

Job Description

Freedom Rider
Technology Circuit Rider for a national coalition of civil rights

Work with key civil rights organizations and leaders, bringing the promise
of technology to that community by helping them better use technology,
particularly cutting edge communications technologies, to engage citizens in
the public policy process.  Components of the job will include working
onsite with organization leaders to assess their technology use and develop
technology plans, demonstrating and evangelizing key technologies to
non-technical folks, researching solutions, and providing some technical
assistance. Candidate will have the opportunity to help develop innovative
tools for non-profits, and the right candidate may become the manager of the
Freedom eriding Program.

This technically savvy person will have some experience working with
nonprofit organizations.  Communication and troubleshooting skills are
critical, management skills a plus. Ideally, technical background will
include: experience with office networks, hardware and software
troubleshooting, database development and management, and website
development or maintenance.  This person will be employed by the Technology
Project to work with civil rights organizations in the Leadership Conference
coalition as part of the America Online Foundation-funded Digital Diversity

About the Leadership Conference:
The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) is the nation's oldest,
largest and most diverse coalition of organizations committed to the
protection of civil and human rights in the United States. LCCR has more
than 180 organizations that work together in resolving the significant civil
rights problems of the day. These organizations include groups representing
people of color, women, labor unions, and persons with disabilities, older
Americans, major religious groups, gays and lesbians and civil liberties and
human rights groups.  The Leadership Conference Education Fund (LCEF) is a
research organization established to support educational activities relevant
to civil rights.

About the Technology Project:
The Technology Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating
social and political progress by building technological capacity for
community collaboration and citizen engagement. Through the erider program
the Technology Project provides onsite technical assistance to nonprofit
organizations, putting a human face on complex technologies and helping
groups make strategic use of technology to achieve their goals. The Freedom
erider will be in a position to inform and redefine how organizations use
existing and cutting edge technologies to build and communicate with their
constituencies. .

Job Responsibilities:
The Freedom erider will work with participating civil rights organization
leaders to use technology strategically to achieve their missions.  In
fulfilling this function, the erider will have 4 types of responsibilities:

Strategic Planning
*       Work onsite with partner groups to asses their level of technology use,
help them develop individual technology plans, then provide advice,
assistance and education in implementing the plans;
*       Project Management
*       Work with program managers to develop the Rider's outreach strategy for
the civil right community that will leverage the Leadership Conference's
*       Technical Assistance
*       Research and propose custom solutions to groups' problems;
*       Advise the webmaster on how to create an effective
communications tool;
*       Strengthen and broaden the national network of 
technology-interested civil
rights staff by advising on the development and maintenance of a variety of
mechanisms, including listservs and web conferencing;
*       Work with our team of eriders and technical experts to develop 
resources and tools to extend the erider's reach in the participating
*       Communications
*       Demonstrate and evangelize appropriate baseline and cutting edge
technologies, including new web-based tools that the Leadership Conference
is developing for;
*       Conduct workshops and trainings at regional and national conferences;
*       Work with other circuit riders, troubleshooting, sharing knowledge and
technology strategies, and avoiding duplication of efforts in the advocate
*       Qualifications:
*       We are looking for an innovative and self-motivated person who:
*       Combines solid technical knowledge with the demonstrated ability to 
with nonprofit organizations, ideally with background in the civil rights or
social justice communities;
*       Communicates in plain language about computer and internet-based
technologies.  Ideally, the person will have experience in training;
*       Is able to troubleshoot, frequently from a remote location;
*       Enjoys working collaboratively, both with a wide variety of partner 
and with other Technology Project staff;
*       Has at least  4 years of savvy technology use and demonstrated
technological skills, including at least some of the following:
*       Knowledge of popular hardware, both Intel-based and Apple, 
experience preferable;
*       Experience with a wide variety of software, should include database
construction and development;
*       Understanding of local area network setup and administration;
*       Practical use of a wide range of communications technologies, 
electronic mail and the World Wide Web, understanding of the relevance of
the internet for non-profits; and
*       Web site construction and maintenance experience -- web to database
integration a plus
*       Ability and willingness to travel up to 20 - 40% of the time.
*       A person with strong organizational and management skills and/or
background may be promoted to manage the Freedom erider Program.
*       Location: Washington, DC.
*       Salary and Benefits:
*       Compensation will be competitive with local nonprofit and 
government pay
scales, and commensurate with skills and experience;
*       Professional development opportunities
*       4 weeks paid vacation,
*       Excellent health care, retirement and benefits program.

To Apply:
The Technology Project is an equal opportunity employer. We value a diverse
staff and encourage all qualified persons to apply. Please send a cover
letter and resume via email.  Your cover letter should include your salary
requirements and references. Please attach your cover letter and resume as
an ASCII text file.
Send to:
Lisa Dill, Managing Director
Ldill at

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