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National Neighborhood Coalition (NNC) May Forum:

Jobs, Income and Welfare Reform: A New Campaign is Launched

Former Clinton Administration Official, Peter Edelman
Deepak Bhargava, Director of Public Policy at the Center for Community

When: Wednesday, May 10, 12 noon to 2 p.m.
Where: National Council of La Raza, 1111 19th Street NW, 10th Floor
For more information or to reserve your space contact Janice Clark,
National Neighborhood Coalition, 202/986-2096;
janice at

The federal welfare law and other anti-poverty programs expire in 2002
and must be reauthorized. A broad range of grassroots and other
organizations have begun to plan a national campaign to take advantage
of this opportunity. Among the issues at stake in 2002 may be: the
nature of cash assistance provided to poor families, supports for
low-wage workers such as child care and health care, the extent of job
training and education available to low-income families, and more.

The National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support is a new national
coalition of grassroots groups in 65 cities and 35 states that have
joined together to advance an anti-poverty agenda over the next few
years. Peter Edelman, a former Clinton Administration official who
resigned his post in protest over the 1996 law, will describe how
welfare reform has been implemented by the states and what policy
changes may be needed. Deepak Bhargava, Director of Public Policy at the
Center for Community Change and Director of the new coalition, will
describe the coalition's plans, and opportunities for groups concerned
with affordable housing and community development.

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