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[ed:  thanks to Betty for the further resources on women organizing.]

From: Betty Robinson <BettyR at CPHAbaltimore.org>

Information re women organizing:

There are two books soon to be released re women in the 60's civil rights
movement.  The first is the stories of 9 white women in the southern
movement -- SNCC, SSOC, AFSC, etc.  This will be out in the fall.  The
second is an anthology of memoirs of women (southern and northern, community
women and students) -- mostly black -- who were involved in some way with
SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) We are currently looking
at publishers and hope to have it out soon.  I am a part of the editing
group of the second book, the anthology.  We currently have 50 stories of
women from very diverse backgrounds.  This book is sorely needed and will
fill a very gaping hole in movement history.

Betty Garman Robinson  <bettyr at cphabaltimore.org>

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