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Below are the notes from the post-actions meeting in DC among the groups
that remained on the Tuesday after the actions.  The theme of the meeting
was "Where do we go from here" and involved brainstorm sessions on
expanding and diversifying our movement as well as thinking beyond the mass
action tactic to try to find other tactics.

(I will preface these notes by expressing that several people at the
meeting brought up the need for accountability in the form of a transparent
and horizontal structure.  Thus it was consensed that the a16 international
listserve will be the originating body for messages, but that messages and
proposals on this list should be copied out on to other listserves and
discussed by local organizations/affinity groups, etc.  Then their thoughts
should be posted back onto the a16 international list and the other list
serves to keep the discussion as far ranging and openly democratic as


War on drugs as linking issue
         (use the War on Drugs as well as the prison/industrial complex as
issues through which our movement can reach out to communities of color)

Link local issues to global issues
         (pinpoint and address the local impacts of economic globalization)
These local hotspots can include:
         Int'l finance (local banks connected to int'l dirty deeds /
oppressions they are also causing right here at home)
         Prison Industrial complex (the national trend to create a new
slavery to boost the profits of multinational corporations)

Community organizing
         (start moving our organizing focus from the international or the
college campus into the local community).  To do this we should:
         move out of our comfort zone (challenge ourselves to connect with
communities with which we have traditionally had little or no contact and
which may feel scary or uncomfortable approaching because of perceived
         tap into existing facilities/groups (there are already community
groups out there doing outreach.  Before we re-invent the wheel, let's see
what structures already exist to facilitate this work)
         educational pieces to publish (for outreach into the local
community demonstrating how economic globalization impacts them)
         Door to door informational canvassing (reach out to community
neighborhoods directly with informational canvasses--non-monetary)


Learn from our mistakes
         (evaluate our successes and failures: what worked, what didn't)

Evaluate our processes & trainings/Direct Action tactics
         (how do you feel the trainings went?  what was missing or could
have been done differently.  We are entering a new phase of the movement,
are the old styles of trainings still adequate to meet the new needs?)

Do mass actions but not get dependant on them
         (Mass actions are great, but they are just one tactic.  What else
is there?)

Understand the impact of our tactics on the communities to which we want to
         (militant actions which involve confrontations with the police may
intimidate certain communities to which we wish to link; how can we include
them in other events, or take their concerns into consideration?)

Use large events as opportunity for local outreach
         (the tremendous media attention generated locally by mass
mobilizations provides the opportunity to reach out to the local population
and inform/educate them about what is going on and why)


What Already Exists?
         Regional groups w/spokes which communicate/dialog together
         communications working group
                 web page
                 resource directory (including skills of participating
                 groups directory
                 discussion boards
                 may be aligned or unaligned to use these
OTHER (broader than DAN)
         A16 web page
         a16 international listserve
         condense listserves?
         need more than listservs?
         national hotline (could we set one up?)
         annual activist meeting ?
         phone tree?
         listserv monitors (keep the lists on track and not bogged down)
         piggyback meetings on events (if there are large events where many
different groups from different regions are going to participate, we should
try to organize a meeting to address movement-wide
issues/strategies/actions/ etc.)

(if people can fill in the blanks or vagueries of the list below, that
would be most helpful!)

April 29 Austin TX Post IMF teach-in
Mayday Actions everywhere
May 5-6 Democracy Brigades at Rotonda/Class Matters Conf.
May 7 Mumia Rally Madison Sq., NYC
May 12 Labor conf on Mumia Bay Area
May 12-15 MU test sote
Mothers Day Million Moms march
June RAN Bank Bonds Boycott gathering
June 8 Calvary ALB Petroleum Meeting
June 2-6 Windsor, ONT Organization of American States Meeting/PGA Conference
July 4 week EF! National Rendezvous
July   Seattle Liberty Festival
July 4
Sept. IMF/WB Prague Global Actions
Oct ? Community autonomy conference
Oct 7 Vandenburg Call to Action (California)
Oct 12  Columbus day
? Mobilization Int'l conference
C2K Political Conventions LA & Philly
? Los Alamos Actions
Millenium Monjuana March


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