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[ed: thanks to Betty and Larry for replies to Linda's organizer
salary query. What are organizers in other places making?]
From: Betty Robinson <BettyR at CPHAbaltimore.org>
In response to Linda's query about salaries, community organizer salaries in
Baltimore range from $ 22,000 to about $30,000 with the 3-5 year experienced
person up at the top. (This also depends on the organization) I think our
cost of living and wages are a little lower than Chicago or NY. Of course,
I think organizers are worth much more -- as are staff at non-profits who
have similar salary concerns. (Benefits are about 25% -- health, dental,
retirement contribution after 3 years).
Betty Garman Robinson bettyr at cphabaltimore.org
From: Larry Yates <lyates at chej.org>
On any question having to do with what/how organizers get paid, I would
contact the National Organizers Alliance. (www.noacentral.org/)
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