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[ed:  in case you do not have background on this one, it 
concerns a Puerto Rican island the U.S. military has used for 
target practice and munitions storage.  Issues include missing 
the target and killing at least one person, expropriating the 
people's land, environmental damage, etc.]

From: Larry Yates <lyates at>

Emergency Plan in case of arrests on Vieques Island/Contact the White
House now

The US military appears to be about to begin arrests of the civil
disobedience encampments on the bombing range on the island of Vieques.
If this occurs, nonviolent actions will occur in solidarity around
Puerto Rico, the U.S. mainland and in other nations. 

Some plans for actions are on the site, only in
Spanish as of this morning.

Here is my English translation of the plans for Washington:

If the arrests occur before midnight, on noon the day after the arrests,
there will be a mobilization in Lafayette Park, in front of the White
House. If the arrests occur after midnight, the protest will occur on
noon of the following day. Bring signs and posters. Please pass this on
to your contacts. 

The Washington contact listed on the Website is David Santiago
202-223-3915 ext. 308

Similar plans for NYC and for Puerto Rico are also on the Website.

To express your solidarity now, the Website asks:

 Call Jeffrey Farrow at (202) 456-2896, and Maria
Echaveste at the White House at (202) 456-6594, and
remind them that the people of Puerto Rico, and millions in
the United States and around the world, reject President
Clinton's directive on Vieques, and will take to the streets in
massive protests and demonstrations if there is any removal
or arrests of those who are defending Vieques through civil
disobedience. (Farrow's FAX number is (202) 456-2889,
and Echaveste's FAX number is (202) 456-6703). 

Larry Yates
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