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[ed: Miriam's message has a number of interesting observations on A16 
related to media coverage, movement housework, and community development.]

From: Miriam Axel-Lute <miriam at>

Responding to a couple people's comments on A16 (I was there
all week waiting for the last people to get out of jail and
am just now catching up on my email.)

Media: I didn't hear NPR's coverage, but Randy I think you
are right that the corporate media was over all more
positive than in Seattle. I mean, Time Magazine printed a
detailed flow chart of consensus process!! Obviously I was
still not perfect, and some of of it was horrible, and it
spent too much time praising the police for their
restraint... but it was still heartening.

"Movement Housework" How True!!!! The School of the Americas
Watch group (~150ppl) stayed at the Washington Church of the
Brethern, arranged through a previous contant there. They
were superb, letting us sleep all over, store our stuff all
week, use the kitchen, and do jail support from one of their
offices. It made a world of difference. So did the
generosity of the Dororthy Day Catholic Worker, who took
many of us in, providing showers, food, clean clothes...
Without those two places, I for one would have been useless.

Lastly - anyone who is involved both community development
and this A16/Seattle coalition who would like to talk to me
about the connections you see between them, I'm going to be
writing up a short piece for Shelterforce on it. Drop me an
email or give me a call.
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