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Please post this announcement:

TICO - The Training Institute for Careers in Organizing will be holding
an Organizer Training & Recruitment Weekend in NYC on May 20th and 21st.
The weekend will be an orientation to multi-issue organizing work being
done in low income neighborhhods in NYC for prospective Community
Organizing Apprentices.  TICO's 12 week Community Organizing
Apprenticeship program begins June 5th in NYC.  TICO seeks to train
people commited to social justice in community organizing skills through
field experience and classroom trainings.  After completing the program,
most TICO Apprentices are offered full-time jobs in community
To apply to TICO and register for the May 20th-21st Organizing Weekend,
please fax resume and cover letter to (718) 733-6922 or email them to
tico at igc.org.

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