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[ed:  thanks to Larry for the response to Larry's ideas/query.]

From: Larry Yates <lyates at>

I'll preface this with the note that I can't put much time into it, but
I think Larry McNeely has hit on a powerful opportunity. Here are some
ideas for him or anyone who wants to follow up.

The following are my answers to Larry's questions
 > Who out there is working on housing issues in a way that really involves the
 > disenfranchised?  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  WHY DONT WE SHARE IT

The National Alliance of HUD Tenants, headquartered in Boston, is
working with tenants facing gentrification from federally subsidized
housing, most of them people of color, in cities across the nation.
These folks are doing solid tenant organizing, and they have had an
impact on Congress.

The National Coalition for the Homeless has an aggressive approach to
these issues. Michael Stoops there has worked to build state homeless
coalitions all over the USA. Many of these also work with the National
Low Income Housing Coalition, but NLIHC might not buy into a
globalization/direct action connection.

The Kensington Welfare Rights Union, mentioned often in comm-org, is
another key group.

IN connecting globalization and gentrification, it would be critical to
have leadership from immigrant communities. A lot of SEIU and other
union organzing is concentrated in these communities, including Justice
for Janitors. There are also housing efforts focussed in such
communities. In the VA suburbs of DC, where I live, Salvadoran
immigrants have formed the Arlandria-Chirilagua housign coop, in direct
response to threatened gentrification. I would expect the folks at the
Institute for Community Economics in Springfield MA to know of other
such situations.

Finally, in finding out what is going on in housing, it's worth checking
in with Shelterforce Magazine at

I hope these suggestions are helpful to Larry and others.

Larry Yates

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