IMF in DC begins

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Fri Apr 21 16:51:10 CDT 2000

[ed:  Doug has a correction to his message, and it also relates to 
Kathy's message on media coverage.  More below.]

From: Doug Hess <DHess at>

Early i noted the a16 site had been partly renderend cluttered (in my
opinion) by an anarchist, i mean the dc indymedia site....not the a16

[ed:  I noticed too that the character of Indymedia seemed to 
change with the coverage of A16.  There was still very complete 
news, but a lot more disconnected ideological banter to wade 
through to get to the news.  It makes me wonder whether 
Indymedia has reached a new stage that will require them to 
rethink some of their strategy.  Other thoughts welcome.]

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