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Fri Apr 21 16:43:14 CDT 2000

[ed: Kathy is focusing on Amy's query concerning the seeming 
lask of focus on the A16 events but looking from a critical media 
perspective.  I will have some reactions below.]

From: NeedmorKJP at

Amy should not expect unbiased coverage from National Public Radio.  It is 
not in their interest as a corporate and government funded entity to support 
a challenge to the status quo.  Their coverage of Seattle was no better than 
the corporate media itself, and I would expect no better from them on the A16 
events.  I encourage Amy to check out the alternative media at,,, or

Kathy Partridge, The Needmor Fund (and media activist with KGNU, 
volunteer-driven alternative radio in Boulder, Colorado)

[ed:  I am wondering about others' perspectives on this, but the 
U.S. National Public Radio coverage of A16 seemed particularly 
bad compared to their coverage of Seattle, while the corporate 
coverage of A16 (at least in terms of their early coverage of police 
violence) seemed much improved over Seattle.  Indymedia was 
clearly better than both, but I am wondering about the impressions 
of others about NPR and the corporate media.]

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