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[ed:  thanks to David and James for the further discussion on the seeming 
lack of focus of this new anti-global capital movement.]

From: "David M. Chavis" <dchavis at>

I wonder about Ada's point. It seems that whatever this movement is, it is
different than those that came before it. Prior movements were clearer from
the beginning (maybe not totally focused, but easier to understand even at
this early stage) -Civil rights, women's, anti-war, etc.  Any guesses as to
what this movement will be called?

David M. Chavis


From: JAMES L DEFILIPPIS <james.defilippis at>

I think Amy's question about the focus, or lack thereof, of the
protestors is a key one.  First, I should say that I have never been at
a more energizing and inspiring set of protests in my life.  There was
an energy and passion that was nothing short of astonishing.  Even
yesterday, standing in the pouring rain, having spent a long weekend of
protesting already, having been tear-gassed by the cops, there were
about 1,500-2,000 of us singing and chanting.  There's something
overwheliming about standing in the cold rain and singing (unceasingly)

There ain't no power like the power of the people
Cuz the power of the people don't stop (say what!?)

Anyway, despite this energy, the problem with the emerging movement is
that it does consist of a very diverse set of groups and individuals (at
least along lines of ideology -- it is still much too white).  The
difficulty will be when we deal with, where do we go from here.  It
seems to me that it's much easier to come together to be against
something than it is to come together to be for something.  In short,
while we all clearly shared a lot of common concerns, do the
International Socialist Organization and PETA really have the same
agenda?  It will, I think, be an important set of political decisions
(and struggles, really), to define the movement from this point
on.  Clearly the movement is now in the process of becomming a movement,
where it goes from here will probably be vital in shaping the context of
leftist organizing for sometime to come.

James DeFilippis

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