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[ed:  thanks to John for the further information on Michelle's youth and 
jobs query.]

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I haven't been following this one, but the New York City Partnership,
which is essentially the Chamber of Commerce for the Fortune 500 types
in NYC, used to provide the corporate muscle for this program.  So, the
first thing you probably need to do is figure out if they have dumped it
and why.   The Staten Island Economic Development Corporation has as a
main part of its mission the creation of employment opportunities for
the borough and is the major business network in your borough.  You
might touch base with them, if you haven't already. (The Borough
President pulls their chain.)  Finally, Jay O'Donovan, a senior City
Council rep. from SI used to be chair of the City Council economic
development committee.  Is he still on the

Good luck.

John Beam
Pumphouse Projects

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