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[ed:  we have experimented from time to time posting messages from job 
seekers.  Here is one of those messages and Samantha offers job-seeking 
assistance in Montreal as well.  Please contact her in a separate message 
rather than clicking reply.]

From: Samantha McGavin <smcgav at po-box.mcgill.ca>


My name is Samantha McGavin, and I am currently finishing a BSW in
Montreal, where I am studying community organizing. In early July I will be
moving down to Washington DC to spend a year and a half working there, and
I'm looking for full-time work. I have some experience in community and
political organizations doing popular education, advocacy work,
community-based research, organizing committees and actions, participating
in electoral campaigns, and researching corporate activity. I'm looking for
work in poverty-related (housing, welfare, unemployment...), rights-based
(civil liberties, queer, women, immigration, labour...), or political issues.

I have been doing some searching over the Internet, but have been somewhat
frustrated by the fact that most nonprofit job postings I've found are for
mid-level positions or higher, most often in admin or fundraising, tend not
to be with social change organizations, and usually exclude grassroots
organizations (whose employee-search methods probably don't include the Net
for various reasons).

If anyone might have any suggestions for places to look for work, or people
to approach, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a friend in DC who is
willing to do some legwork for me, so if the suggestions involve
on-the-ground searching (looking at bulletin boards, going to see someone)
then that's okay.

All comments welcome! Thanks--


ps. If anyone is looking to move to Montreal in the next little while, I
would be happy to return the favour, as I have a number of contacts here
that could facilitate the job-hunting process. =)

Samantha McGavin

"the struggle for freedom and justice is not a duty or a chore:
rather, this struggle articulates our deepest desires as social
creatures.” ­ Greta Gaard, author of Ecological Politics:
Ecofeminism and the Greens 

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