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Tue Apr 18 09:24:54 CDT 2000

[ed:  thanks to John and Jean-Robert for news from and about A16.]

From: "John M. Beam" <beam1 at>

I spoke by phone today with a colleague in D.C. who was on her way out
the door about 1:00 because government offices were being shut down
"because of the protests."  Let's see if that makes tomorrow's news.

John Beam

[ed:  this did make it to our local paper, but I don't know if it made it 
to others.]


From: "Jean-Robert Primeau" <jrprim at>

Hi Randy and all !

I just read in a French newspaper (Le Nouvel 
) that "from La Havane [Havana], where it's first summit just concluded, 
the G-77, pressure group at the UN, founded in 1964, and now composed of 
133 nations of the South, adressed a message to the "rich" of Wahington. 
The G-77 'brings it's full support and solidarity to the anti-globalization 
demonstrators', declared nigerian ambassador Arthur Mbanefo, whose country 
chaired the gathering." [my translation]

If the demonstrators did'nt succeed in blocking the IMF and World Bank 
meetings, they will have given much leverage to poor nations. Also, the 
same article informs that France, Brazil and Thaïland finance ministers 
were blocked for a certain time by the demonstrations.

Non-violent strategy and tactics seem the way to go to destabilize abusive 
powers and inform the masses, even if police tactics (coordination center 
closed down, violations of civil rights, preventive arrests, etc...) gave a 
blow to the organization.

Jean-Robert Primeau co
Montréal, Québec
jrprim at

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