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[ed:  thanks to Nelda for the references on women and organizing.]

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Nelda Pearson here.  Here are some resources on women in movements and

Some I have posted before.

Joy James 1999 Race, Women and Rvolution  Rowan and Littlefield

Joanne Grant 1999 Ella Bakes Wiley

Robnett 1998  How Long? How Long Oxford

Belenky et al 1997  A Tradition that Has No Name  Basic Books

Septima Clark 1986  Ready from Within  Wild Tree Press

Lewis, Hinsdale and Waller 1997 It Comes from the People  Temple U Press

Virginia Seitz 1995  Women, Development and Communities for Empowerment in
Appalachia SUNY Press

  Baca Zinn et al 1997. Through a Prism of Difference.  Allyn and Bacon
There is one whole section of articles about women and organizing by Pardo,
Gilkes, Stack

National Coalition of Neighborhood Women's training manual

Pearson 1993 "Organizing Women Farmers: Possibilities and Pitfalls in Young
et al Women at the Center  Kumarian Press

Pearson 1995 Women's Leadershiph Styles and Empowerment: A Case Study of
the Canadian Farm Women's Movement
International Journal of Canadian Studies Spring pp 83-100

Pearson 1999 "Empowerment and Disempowerment of Women in Central
Appalachia, USA in Bystydzuenski and Sekhon Democratix=zation and Women's
GRassroots Movements Indian university Press

Most of these have extensive bibs which will also help.

BTW, Beans and Rice have our website up and pretty much constructued.
Visit us at www.beansandrice.org

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