IMF in DC begins

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Mon Apr 17 13:07:38 CDT 2000

Hi COMM-ORG.  Here is an update on the A16 events.  I am doing a bit less 
than I was for Seattle as the corporate media has been much better at 
covering police (mis)conduct this time around and Indymedia has become an 
institution unto itself.  Nonetheless, there are a couple of things worthy 
of noting/repeating.

1.  In contrast with the characterization of protestors as a bunch of 
college students with too much time on their hands, the Black Farmers and 
Agriculturalists Association notes how their participation was 
ignored.  See To get a 
probably pretty complete list of everyone involved, go to

2.  The National Guard is now backing up D.C. police in D.C., reported both 
by CNN and on Indymedia.  Arrests yesterday were amazingly low, only about 
20 or so, after the police arrested 600 plus and closed the protest 
headquarters on Saturday.  And I read somewhere in Indymedia that many of 
those arrested paid their $50 fine and got out in time for Sunday's events 
and local churches opened up space for protestors to plan.  But this 
morning things appeared to be getting tense.


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