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[ed:  thanks to Nathan, Julia, and Judy for responding to Holly's women 
organizing query.]
From: Nathan Henderson-James <caacornres at acorn.org>
Subject: Re: query:  women organizing

Ms. Hickson,

I saw your query on COMM-ORG regarding your student's research project.
While I do not have any studies regarding this subject, I would like to
note that ACORN has had a woman as its National President every year since
1984 and that the majority of Board members on the National Association
Board as well as the various local boards of directors are women. I mention
this because your student was interested in the IAF as well as the civil
rights organizations; ACORN uses a model that combines elements of the IAF
model with elements of SNCC and NWRO's models (another poor people's
organization run primarily by women). It might be worthwhile to check us
out as well.

Nathan Henderson-James


From: Julia Burgess <BurgessJ at commchange.org>

Holly - A suggestion: When and Where I Enter: the Impact of Black Women on
Race and Sex in America, by Paula Giddings has a whole section on women in
SNCC and the civil rights movement. Good luck - Julia Burgess


From: Judy Wanamaker <flatfoot48 at yahoo.com>

The Appalachian Women's Guild is a grassroots organizing drive of 
low-income women in Tennessee. They started nine years ago with ten women 
and forty-five dollars in a small rural, very poor, county(Grundy)and 
were(still are) the only group for women in that area. They are 
extraordinary in that none of them had ever built an organization before 
and had little knowledge of organizing practices.  All were low-income and 
volunteers worked without pay for almost five years to make AWG a reality.
You can contact them by calling: 931-592-8558
Ask for Judy.

Support the Appalachian Women's Guild(my favorite charity).  Donate to the 
cause of low-income women's empowerment at www.charitygift.com !!

"To Give is To Live" 

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