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From: Michelle Vivanz <Mvivanz at YPIS.COM>


I was wondering if anyone was working on the Summer Youth Employment issue.
In NYC, there has been several rallies and meetings regarding the
possibility (which is now the actuality) of the destruction of the program
and the negative impact it will make on the communities. Even if the SYEP is
funded this year it will be extremely scaled back. Currently there is a
group I am working with on Staten Island that is trying to assemble business
leaders on the island in hopes of getting them to support youth this summer
by hiring them.

Does anyone have any experience organizing businesses with the hopes that
they provide jobs? If anyone has any tips or insights I would be greatly

Michelle A. Vivanz, Community Organizer
You Participate In Solutions (YPIS) of Staten Island
130 Stuyvesant Place 5th Floor
Staten Island, New York 10301
PH: 718-815-4557 ext. 22
FX: 718-876-6068
mvivanz at ypis.com

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