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Sun Apr 16 11:15:27 CDT 2000

[ed:  below is a street-level report from COMM-ORG correspondent Chad 
Burger :-) and many thanks to him for taking time out from avoiding arrest 
to inform us.  More below his report.]

From: Chad Burger <ChadAB419 at>

Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Tonight we finalized our plans for what to do in the morning. Our
affinity group will be taking part in the civil disobedience taking place
tomorrow. The cops have been extremely heavy handed so far and arrest
seems like a very high probability.

Today the police shut down two different convergence centers, seizing
everything inside including videotapes of police brutality. We were not
deterred, as quickly as one center was shut down, another space was
located, and the protestors claimed a victory. Many local churches and
centers have opened their doors for use in the preparations.

The rumor at the spokescouncil meeting I attended tonight was that a vigil
against the prison-industrial complex was set upon by police. After
marching and receiving a police escort, the police turned on the vigil and
surrounded the participants, arresting between 600 and 800. Reporters
from major mainstream media outlets were included in this roundup.
Another rumor around the subway station was that a reporter from Fortune
magazine crossed a police line today and was assaulted by police.
I attended a strategic meeting for our zone today and the meeting place
was changed twice within the hour. During the meeting I was in a small
group that was talking outside in a courtyard. We were told to get inside
immediately, as the police had blocked both ends of this residential
street and were driving a riot vehicle up and down the block. Leaving the
apartment we had to take care to leave in small groups as not to draw
attention. It really feels like a police state here.

Wish us luck. Hope to see everyone later this week. Plans are finalized,
risks have been assessed and we will be heading out bright and early to

Chad Burger

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[ed:  much of what Chat reports is confirmed on the CNN web site this 
morning.  Go to 
for CNN.  Indymedia also confirms these reports, and has up to the minute 
coverage this morning. I could try to cull through the Indymedia sites, but 
reporting this morning is coming into Indymedia at a breathless pace and 
it's all news and graphics of action on the street.  Reports are coming in 
of intersections blocked in DC; that police shut down George Washington 
University, cancelling its IMF workshops; the confiscation of protestors' 
medical supplies.  Access to Indymedia is extremely slow, so don't be 
surprised if you can't get to them on occasion as both the upload and 
download traffic to them is likely immense.  I can't get streaming audio 
right now either but my guess it is technical and traffic problems.  If 
anyone hears differently, please let me know.]

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