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[ed:  thanks to Heather, John, Nathan, Betsy, and Amy for responses to 
Holly's query.]

From: HBoothgo at aol.com

There are many books (and a new one is coming out about the women in the 
civil rights movement). Personal Politics by Sara Evans tracks women from 
the civil rights into the creation of the early women's movement. There is 
a new Susan Brownmiller book about the early organizing for the women's 
movement, and there is a book called Feminist Memoir Project that has 
personal stories of the early years.

Good luck. Sounds interesting.

Heather Booth


From: John Gaudette <gaudette at forward.net>


PICO is a National Community Organizing network similar to IAF(PICO is the 
second biggest network in the country behind IAF).  About 1/3 of the 
organizers in that network are women; directors and staff.

I would suggest you jump on their website or call the PICO Director, Fr. 
John Bauman (510/655-2801) to get names and phone numbers of women 
organizers in PICO.


From: Nathan Henderson-James <caacornres at acorn.org>

Ms. Hickson,

I saw your query on COMM-ORG regarding your student's research project.
While I do not have any studies regarding this subject, I would like to
note that ACORN has had a woman as its National President every year since
1984 and that the majority of Board members on the National Association
Board as well as the various local boards of directors are women. I mention
this because your student was interested in the IAF as well as the civil
rights organizations; ACORN uses a model that combines elements of the IAF
model with elements of SNCC and NWRO's models (another poor people's
organization run primarily by women). It might be worthwhile to check us
out as well.

Nathan Henderson-James


From: Betsy Erbaugh <erbaugh at unm.edu>

I too study women and community organizing.  I recommend Randy and Susan
Stall's work comparing Alinsky-style to women-centered organizing
(particularly their article in the Dec. 1998 Gender & Society).  I have
also found the following book chapter and article helpful re: civil
rights movement:

Barnett, Bernice McNair. 1995. "Black Women's Collectivist Movement
Organizations: Their Struggles during the "Doldrums"." Pp. 199-219 in
Feminist Organizations: Harvest of the New Women's Movement, edited by M.
M. Ferree and P. Y. Martin. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Irons, Jenny. 1998. "The Shaping of Activist Recruitment and
Participation." Gender & Society 12:692-709.
(the latter deals with civil rights movements in Mississippi.)

Looking forward to hearing others' responses.

Betsy Erbaugh
MA Candidate, Sociology
University of New Mexico


From: Amy <amy at wacoss.org.au>

Holly --

I helped to found the Industrial Areas Foundation's organisation on the
Upper West Side of Manhattan and the campaign of all the New York City
IAF organisations for a living wage.  I am now living in Australia and
would be interesting in sharing my experiences and hearing about

I also trained with the Midwest Academy/ Citizen Action founded by
Heather Booth, Steve Max et al and have thoughts about the conflicts

Cheers -- Amy


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