IMF in DC begins

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Thu Apr 13 22:46:32 CDT 2000

Hi COMM-ORG.  Since events in Miami have completely eclipsed events in 
Washington D. C., I've put together some links you might be interested in 
to learn what has been happening in D.C. with what is being called "A16."

One of the main groups putting this all together is the Mobilization for 
Global Justice:

They are also going to be doing streaming audio of mobilization events over 
the web on Mobilization Radio at

Below are a collection of links from Indymedia.  Indymedia has taken a 
fascinating leap ahead from their slow, relatively speaking, start in 
Seattle and the web site is already huge, much of it analysis and 
perspective stuff.  The links below report news from the streets.

Building the Movement: Interview with A16 organizer Matthew Smucker

The Rise of A16, by Mark Engler


Activists Prepare for Possible Police Violence, by The slave - FRA and IMC

In case you missed Seattle, heeere's Washington, by Naomi Klein

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