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[ed:  we have had a couple of gentrification discussions on the list, but 
it is always useful to revisit such issues, so please copy COMM-ORG with 
references and stories.]

From: LRBarnes2000 at aol.com

I am a senior seminary student, training to be an urban pastor. I am
currently working on a paper/project on gentrification and its ethical
implications. I would appreciate anyone's reflections on the subject. I am
particularly interested in the implications for the people effected/displaced
by gentrification. I would be grateful for any assistance in better
understanding this subject.

Blessings, Lisa

[ed:  a search on COMM-ORG will also turn up a fair amount of stuff on 
gentrification, but wading through it is a fairly inefficient 
process.  Likewise, the list archives, available through the discussion 
list links on the web site, will eventually lead to some discussion on 

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