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From: "Nancy Nye" <nancynye at sover.net>

RE: Arts organizing

You may want to contact the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh
(director is Bill Strickland) about the arts in community.  [1815
Metropolitan Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, 412-322-1773] The Ford Foundation
supported MCG to undertake a project with several community arts initiatives
across the country. It produced a report in 1995, Community Development and
the Arts.  MCG is an amazing center for the arts, connected with the Bidwell
Training Center that does job training in a variety of sectors in
collaboration with corporate sponsors.

Nancy Nye
Community Development Consultant
P.O. Box 61
Taftsville, VT 05073


From: "LisaArchey" <LisaArchey at email.msn.com>

You should contact Jeff Gibney at the South Bend Heritage Foundation.
Several years ago he acquired and renovated a vacant hardware store and
developed a youth center based on performing arts.  We (LISC at that time)
were able to provide him with the capital which is now being repaid through
fundraising efforts.

Jeff's number is 219 280 7087.  Jeff and his staff have accomplished some
amazing things of which you may also wish inquiry about.    If Jeff is ok
with the distribution, I think I have the original concept or write up.

Good luck.

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