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[ed:  please copy COMM-ORG with your replies to Holly's query.  I will have 
a couple of thoughts below.]

From: "Hickson, Holly" <HHickson at mscc.cc.ar.us>

Hello.  I have a student who is doing some research on women in organizing.
She is particularly interested in studies and/or anecdotes regarding women's
experiences in the civil rights movement, SNCC, and in the Industrial Areas
Foundation.  If you have resources for her, I shall be happy to pass them
on.  Thank you.  Holly Hickson

[ed:  the COMM-ORG working paper that Susan Stall and I wrote may be 
helpful.  Also, a book by Reitzes and Reitzes, "The Alinsky Legacy" has 
just a little bit of info on Heather Booth's conflicts with the IAF.]

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