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Wed Apr 12 11:55:05 CDT 2000

[ed: those of you using community-based art/music programs in CO and CD may 
be able to help here.  Feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with your stories.]

From: "Daniel McCarthy" <Dan at ehc.ang-md.org>

I would like to post a message to the Colist members:

I am working in an impacted community in west Baltimore that is interested
in using the arts as an organizing tool.  Two churches have formed a
non-profit to develop an arts center aimed at both youth and adults in their
community.  A small music program is under way in one of the churches.

I am looking for models from other communities of arts centers.  I would be
interested in learning about ways you developed the building and how the
program is sustained.

Please respond to Dan at ehc.ang-md.org


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